3CX Assistant

3CX Assistant

3CX Assistant / VoIP Client – Easy Call Control from your desktop!
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The 3CX Assistant is a desktop utility that saves you time by helping you manage your calls and extension efficiently. Transfer, Park or Launch calls with a few mouse-clicks using your desktop SIP phone or the inbuilt 3CXPhone (free soft phone).

Trigger calls from your personal or company phonebook, the recent call activity log (including missed calls), a web page, Microsoft Outlook or any other CRM package.

Caller ID of incoming calls can automatically pop up the matching contact record in your contact management software, allowing you to easily take notes and log the call automatically.

Send calls to voice mail when busy or re-direct to a colleague. Easily control if, when and how to redirect calls to your mobile or voice mail when out of the office.

Main featues:
- Send calls to voicemail when busy
- See user status and avoid vmail tag (presence information)
- Launch calls from Outlook, Salesforce, Recents, Web page
- Pop Up matching contact record of customer in your CRM package
- Company and personal phonebook
- Easy access to incoming, outbound and missed call list
- Configure busy & out off office call redirection
- View & Control incoming calls
- View call queue activity & caller wait time
- Park/Unpark calls
- Inbuilt company chat for easy messaging
- Works with any desk phone or 3CX softphone

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